About Lawyer Hamid
El Abouti

Lawyer at the Brussels Bar since 2004


Lawyer at the Brussels Bar since 2004

Certified in criminal cassation, Hamid El Abouti guarantees the respect of your fundamental rights before all repressive jurisdictions: Police Court – Correctional Court – Court of Appeal – Assize Court.

He also defends you from the moment you are arrested for an appearance in the council chamber or the indictment chamber until the eventual hearing on the merits.

He regularly visits the various prisons in the Kingdom to follow the progress of the case with the client, and to face together these painful moments of deprivation of liberty.

Avocat Pénaliste - Hamid El Abouti

Defending you body and soul is a sacred duty for the criminal lawyer who must constantly fight for your freedom, acquittal or exemption from a criminal record.

The lawyer advises and defends victims as well as alleged perpetrators of crimes and misdemeanours (homicide, robbery with violence, fraud, forgery, assault and battery, drug trafficking, receiving stolen goods, criminal organisation, rebellion, computer fraud, arson, money laundering, corruption, torture, drink-driving, hit-and-run, kidnapping, etc.).

His day is not only filled with great pleadings, he regularly has to intervene in an emergency to locate the detainee, visit him, introduce him to life in prison, and reassure all his family.

Becoming a criminal lawyer,
is to learn
to accept the uncertain.

Even if pleading in criminal cases remains a well-prepared improvisation, the lawyer must observe the Court without ever ceasing to watch for the slightest information.

It must surpass itself, oppose, be indignant, leap and always run the risk of defeat.

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